Important Update about Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Clients and Families,

At this point, you are all well aware of the coronavirus and the global impact it is having on individuals across the lifespan. It has triggered concern for our personal health, the health of our family and friends, and the health of those around the world whom we do not even know. The virus is currently spreading in New Jersey, which necessitates that all of us to do whatever we can do to minimize its spread and help protect ourselves and the members of our communities.

In response to the current situation, we have arranged to provide all of our clients with the option to receive their therapeutic services via HIPAA compliant videoconferencing, commonly referred to as teletherapy. We initially tested the process with several families and they thought it was user-friendly and a positive experience. As a specialty practice committed to providing services that are supported by the best available research, it is worth noting that teletherapy has been well studied in recent years and has been shown to be effective for the treatment of several child and adult conditions. That said, teletherapy is not without limitations and does not fully replace the advantages of face-to-face treatment; that is why we do not always use teletherapy. This format for treatment has been used routinely in many practices and we are confident in this approach as a means to continue to meet your mental health needs given the current pandemic. The process for using our teletherapy program is relatively simple, even for those not technologically savvy.

This substantial change was decided upon after careful deliberation. We recognize the inconvenience that this causes for some and are grateful for your flexibility. The extraordinary situation results in the need to protect the health and safety of everyone, especially those most vulnerable to contracting the virus. We realize that you and your family are affected by the virus in different ways: concern for those who are infected, fears about the unknown, financial challenges, stresses about keeping your children entertained at home, or even babysitting needs. It is important to us that we are able to be there to support you during this time.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether treatment using teletherapy may make sense for you or your child.