Evaluation and Treatment

At the Center for CBT, we believe that a thorough assessment provides the foundation for precise treatment recommendations. Evaluations at the Center for CBT take place over one or two meetings. As parents you will be included in the evaluation process. Evaluations typically incorporate a diagnostic interview with you, as well as an assessment of your child’s social, emotional, and academic functioning. Adults, youth, parents, and teachers may also be asked to complete questionnaires. In the event that your child is experiencing significant difficulties at school, consultation with school personnel and/or an on-site behavioral observation may be recommended. To ensure continuity of care, with your permission, we will consult with pediatricians and primary care physicians.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, we will provide a comprehensive feedback session. During this time, we will discuss our understanding of your child’s issues, our diagnostic impressions, and areas where we may need additional information or clarification. We will outline a detailed treatment plan, including the names of each specific treatment that we recommend. Of course, we will try to answer your questions as well.

Treatment is individually tailored to meet each child’s needs. Our treatment approach is cognitive-behavioral in nature and administered in a manner that engages your child at an appropriate developmental level. At the start of treatment, and throughout the treatment process, we will educate you and your child about your child’s specific needs. As our work continues, your child will be taught those skills necessary to address specific difficulties, and will be expected to practice them between sessions. You and your child may be asked to monitor the occurrence of specific problem situations to help measure progress and determine whether adjustments needs to be made. Our work is designed to be a time-limited, with the goal of providing children and families with the tools to be self-sufficient following treatment.