Training and Consultation

The Center for CBT provides workshops and consultation to professionals and parents looking to expand their knowledge about children with behavioral difficulties and mental health problems. Our audiences include parents, school personnel, mental health clinicians, physicians, and other allied health professionals from a range of settings, such as schools, mental health clinics and agencies, in-service and professional development training organizations, special education advocacy organizations, parent groups, and others. Our workshops and consultation services provide exposure to research-supported techniques in an engaging and accessible way.
School In-Services and Workshops
In-service workshops help school personnel enhance their understanding of the principles and techniques needed to properly manage children’s behavior. We present in-depth trainings on a number of subject matters geared towards teachers, counselors, child student team members, and/or behaviorists. Some topics include classroom management, anxiety, school refusal, tics, and social skills. We understand that teachers and other school staff are looking for strategies that they can bring into their classrooms and offices right away. Our professional development workshops are fully customizable and designed to be highly practical.

Clinical Training Workshops

Clinical training workshops are designed to help mental health clinicians looking to enhance their skill set in a particular area within child and adolescent psychology. These training workshops provide an overview of research supporting a particular intervention, the principles of treatment, an outline of the specific clinical techniques, and some useful “tips from the trenches.” These workshops are carefully designed to meet the needs of the staff at a particular school or organization and include a combination of didactic, engaging discussion, case examples, and break-out activities. Some topics include cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety, Tourette syndrome, or school refusal; dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents; behavioral parent training; and social skills training. Training workshops are appropriate for psychologists, social workers, school counselors and child study team staff, as well as grand rounds in psychiatry, neurology, and family medicine.

Consultation Services

Cognitive-behavioral consultation is a unique form of providing hands-on and personalized support to a school or agency. Individually determined for each particular setting, consultation can take many forms. Examples include, observing students and staff and providing concrete suggestions and training, attending team meetings to provide guidance about appropriate services for particular students, providing live coaching to teachers and staff to address classroom-based behavioral concerns, providing clinical consultation for challenging students, developing class-wide behavior plans and social emotional skills programming, establishing school-wide token economies (i.e., point systems), and leading round table discussions and training for specific staff members. Consultation services may be provided on an ongoing basis (e.g., weekly or monthly) or for a short period of time to help address a particular need. The scope of clinical consultations, including the frequency and duration, is determined in collaboration with organizational leadership.