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We started the Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy with one mission: to help children, adolescents, and young adults live more meaningful and productive lives. Both raising a child and being one are tall orders in today’s climate. And having a psychological condition often compounds the challenges. We envision a world where youth can succeed, both in spite of their challenges and because of them; where they will develop and implement the skills to overcome their challenges; and where they believe that they can accomplish anything to which they put their minds.


We provide practical, goal-oriented strategies grounded in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and behaviorism. CBT is the gold-standard and most well-researched psychotherapy treatment for a variety of psychological disorders and behavioral challenges. It is based on the idea that understanding the way individuals think, feel, and act are all related to each other. For example, persistent negative thoughts and feelings can result in a host of problematic actions. Working with a skilled psychologist, these patterns of negative thoughts and feelings can be adjusted, which in turn result in more positive actions. Behaviorism maintains that each of our actions are, at least in part, based on the circumstances that occur directly before them and after them. Therefore, treatment focuses on carefully understanding these circumstances, which allows us to actually shape and modify behaviors so that positive behaviors are increased and negative ones are decreased.


To accomplish our “why,” we have assembled a passionate and committed team of psychologists to provide a range of personalized services for families, professionals, and organizations.

Specifically, we:

  • Work with children, adolescents, and young adults to provide them with the necessary education and skills to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. We do this through the combination of regular meetings, practice exercises to complete between sessions, and phone coaching when needed.
  • Work with parents and other caregivers to provide them with the knowledge and tools to be accepting, validating, and effective in raising children. Based on the particular concerns that need to be addressed, these meetings are scheduled regularly or as needed.
  • Train and consult to school and agency personnel to help them better understand the nature of psychological and behavioral challenges. We provide practical strategies to help school staff manage the various challenges encountered by youth in their classrooms and the broader school environment. This may occur in the form of in-service workshops and trainings as part of our work with a school or agency as a whole, or in small groups on behalf of a particular client seen at our practice.
  • Educate and train mental health professionals in the theory and practice of cognitive behavior therapy.
  • Work creatively to serve as a resource to you. We recognize the ever-changing world we live in and the various challenges faced by children and families.

Center for CBT

The Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) provides personalized, research-supported clinical services to children, adolescents, and families with wide-ranging social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

As our name implies, the Center offers treatment strategies based upon the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. We help you to understand the nature of your child’s challenges and offer specific tools to enable your child to make meaningful behavioral changes.

At the Center for CBT, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Rather, we offer a wide variety of treatment options tailored to your child’s specific needs. Experience has demonstrated the importance of working as a team with the individuals and families we serve. Therefore, we encourage you to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions while we work together to meet the needs of your family.

In addition to traditional office visits at our Center, we observe children in the school setting and speak with their teachers and other school personnel. We collaborate with pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists, and other professionals that comprise your child’s treatment team to ensure that your child’s needs are being met. We frequently provide training and consultation related to a variety of conditions because informed teams make better decisions, resulting in better outcomes for families.

Meet our Team

Dr. Meir Flancbaum

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Dr. Erica Dashow

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Dr. Atara Hiller

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Rebecca Herzog, LPC, ACS

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Dr. Priscilla Morrison

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Alycia Hinrichsen, BFA

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Dr. Julia Brillante

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Dr. Kayla Carter, Child Psychologist

Dr. Kayla (Carter) Owens

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