Social Skills Groups

Overview of our Social Skills Groups for Children

This group program is designed to enhance the social skills of youth ages 8 to 15 years old. Participants will be grouped based on a combination of age and developmental ability. The groups are intended to set children and adolescents up for success during the school year. Participants will learn a variety of skills in a collaborative, interactive, and relaxed environment. The goal is to help them develop, improve, and apply a range of social skills.

Our next 10-week social skills group cycle will take place on Thursdays at 6:00 PM, from March 7 – May 23, 2024. In order to ensure participants are an appropriate fit, they must all be screened in advance of the start date. Therefore, please reach out to our intake coordinator as soon as possible if you are considering having your child or student participate in our groups.


When to Seek a Social Skills Group for your Child

If your child or teen has experienced the following, it may be beneficial to consider a social skills group:

  • Difficulty initiating, maintaining, or ending conversations
  • Difficulty problem solving during uncomfortable or challenging interactions with peers
  • Challenges communicating and interacting appropriately with friends and acquaintances on social media
  • Difficulties with navigating game play
  • Difficult coping with or managing strong emotions


Our Unique Approach to Social Skills Groups

Each week, the group will focus on specific social skills. Participants will discuss the skills, see them in action through modeling, and have opportunities to practice them with their peers. Skills will be reinforced
through homework and practice activities. We also offer rewards to encourage group participation, completion of homework, and behavioral improvements.Our team also provides additional support outside of group as needed. By partnering with your child’s school and others involved in their care, we can create a customized treatment approach to improve generalization of skills outside of the group setting.


Social Skills Taught During the Weekly Groups

This program is designed to cover a range of social skills for in-person and virtual social settings. This includes face-to-face interactions, text, email, and social media.

Social skills typically covered in our social skills groups include:

  • ˆEmotional awareness and regulation
  • Conversation skills
  • ˆMaintaining friendships
  • ˆSocial media interactions
  • ˆParticipation and turn taking
  • Navigating game play
  • ˆPerspective taking
  • ˆBoundary setting
  • Social problem solving


Learn more today!

We are currently setting up screening appointments for potential participants in our groups. If you are interested in learning more about if your child may be a fit, please call call (732) 994-3456 or email